People typically love surprises—whether it’s an early birthday party or a visit from a long-lost friend—just the thought of being caught off guard in a pleasant way is a source of joy for most.

In case you are in the dark about mystery mail surprises, read ahead to know what weird things you can send to your friends via mail.

A Disposable Camera
Yes, you can start a chain with your friends where you take a few pictures and send the camera away to the next friend and then have them repeat the process with the next friend. It sounds fun doesn’t it?

Plastic Easter Eggs
Following the US post office holiday calendar, you’ll see the USPS closed for holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. However, Easter is not recognized as a federal holiday in the US. This gives you the opportunity to send away cute, plastic Easter Eggs to your friends and family and spread the merriment.

There is actually a business called Post a Nut in Hawaii where the residents send souvenirs of the island to their friends. It has become quite popular, as the small Hoolehua Post Office sends out over 3,000 coconuts a year!

A Potato
After “Post, a Nut” comes Potato in a Mail. Actually, the official business is called Mail a Spud. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Does this mean that I don’t have to buy a potato and mail it myself anymore?”. Yes, this is precisely what this business implies.  

A Rock
Are you as fond of puns as the next guy? Well, even if you aren’t wouldn’t it be funny to tell someone they rock by sending them a rock through the mail? No? It doesn’t cost much so you don’t have to be like, “Aw poor us” (Porous). Get it?  

A Brick
Drop that heavy brick right now and refer to this service called Mail Bricks. You can now just sit back and let them mail the bricks of your choice to your loved ones for only $10. That’s not all! If you want to show them that they really mean something to you, throw in an additional $0.75 to have Mail Bricks throw in a handful of glitter.  

A Piñata
Not only are you provided with the service of being able to effortlessly mail piñatas to your friends and family, but there are also DIY videos where they show you how to properly construct one before you go on about mailing it.   

Accessories in a Bottle
Invitation in a Bottle is a very popular business that allows you to mail invitations to people in beautiful bottles. However, the mail isn’t limited to sending invitations; you can send a rose or crayons; basically, any common supplies that can fit in a bottle.

All in all, even though you’ll see the USPS closed for holidays if you take note of their post office holiday calendar, you can still provide merriment all year round to your loved ones by sending them weird stuff that will give them a chuckle or two.

Published by Mudassar Ali