I was formed without consent

I was placed in a context

Drawn out inexplicably

raced tirelessly to cheat defeat

Millions alike faded, goodbyes grumbled

Echo from the flesh, arrival announced

I admired the world, the Antarctic envied my presence

If only I was wanted


A heartbeat is all I need

Fist of a conqueror

I triumph when I fused with destiny

Dreams were birthed, purpose was given

I was fascinated by the world around

I had a mind, a resolute one yet so tiny

Ready to conquer, destiny calling

If only I was wanted


With keen interest peek through

The Teary leaked veil of chance

Faint view I succumb in arrears

The gods endorsed with all

Forces arraigned in utmost

War drums rolls in earnest

Heart whimper whilst I stayed

If only I was wanted


The world to me seems exciting

I feel the pain and need in my cocoon

I rejoice in the comfort of protection

I awake to the sound of the morning

My bones were fragile but determined

I believe in a better world

A gloomy but exciting one

If only I was wanted


I hope against hope I will survive

To gladden humanity with a beautiful mind

I will mind if I am given the chance

The little acorn yearning, an oak embedded

The far away light at the horizon I admire

I aspire to become

Luck was my friend and confidant

If only I was wanted


Answers lies within

Solutions abound in numbers

Smiles to give, encouragement glimmering

Peace to be pursued, love to embrace

The cord that bind nourished

Deep succor, keen mind with joy

Ready to walk the lonely path

If only I was wanted


As decisions keep going around in tones

My ears itches to catch some notes

My being quest for some glimpse of hope

Perhaps I will be left to grow I don’t know

Curled up but scared within of my fate

I believe I wouldn’t be nourished in vain

I trust my carrier to keep me safe same

No matter how hard the decision sways


Then my world came crashing

The little veins that support withered

I struggle in pain if only my mind could voice

My torchbearer was ruthless, i was helpless

Who shall speak for me, I wailed

I had been a wasteland in a wisp

Beautiful soul executed without remorse

I wished I was wanted


Dark razor ripped tender flesh apart

Rejection exasperated my soul

Destiny aborted, war raged against my being

Who shall deliver me from dream killers 

Bent with squint eyes, shrouded in hate

Nature whimper in horror I was never wanted


© Olaleye A. Immanuel

Written by TheDreamTeam

Published by Immanuel Olaleye