There's nothing more fascinating in the world to me than unwarranted negativity. We are all on Earth together, most of us strangers, to live and enjoy the brief time we are given to stay here. While some people thrive off of positive energy there are far too many that embrace the negative. What baffles me is the reason why these people choose to be filled with negativity. It is just that: a choice. 

I believe that people are born into this world as innocent human beings and somewhere along the course of their life they learn from the negativity that exists around them. They are faced with the important decision to join the team of judgment and ridicule or to embrace and defend their natural born kindness. It seems that all people fall under the hypnosis of negativity for a time, but it is those people who remain there that worry me. 

These are the people that start out thinking being mean is "cool" and they evolve into monsters of aggression and bullies of the weak. They feed off of the tears and heartbreak of others, getting progressively more violent, hateful, and destructive. No amount of compassion or kindness can save them from the walls of hate they've built around themselves. It is these people that I do not understand. 

It is not difficult to be kind. In fact, it takes much more effort to be mean to someone than it does to accept them and treat them with respect. A small smile, an open door, and a simple conversation are all easy ways to improve someone else's day as well as yours. These simple human interactions, although they seem trivial, can be the difference between someone choosing to be negative and someone maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day. 

All people are born with a good conscience and good heart. Multiple times throughout each day we will be faced with a decision to be good or be bad, kind or rude, positive or negative. There is no reason to adopt a negative lifestyle. We must raise our children to remain positive. We must guide our friends along the path of kindness. We must embrace the natural goodness within ourselves and choose to the road of positivity. After all, this is the philosophy we were meant to uphold and it makes for a far better life for everyone, including ourselves.


Published by Christie Scheer