Dining here made me want to sing this song out! I did feel lucky that time as this was another Zomato foodie meet up. And it was an intimate one at that. We were only less than 10 foodies there, including the Zomato crew. And with all the dishes served here, it can keep one up all night.😉

WHY IS THIS SO GOOD? Okay…got a little excited there but seriously, THIS IS GOOD. It was crispy without the greasy feel. They have their bacon sourced without the additions to it. They prepare the batter and all the things that made it great in house. It was paired with this tangy sauce and some vinegar. I tried out both including mixing both sauces. It was good but on its own, you can just munch away. I had to remind myself that it’s bacon. It’s not any other chip out there but BACON. I had to stop grabbing but ugh…it was just oh-so-good.😛

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