Biggest trend in beauty thus far is beautiful and bold brows. Personally before I used to fill in my brows I thought it was over the top and didn’t make a difference but doing my brows has now become a part of my normal routine because of the new brow products.

My favorite types of products to use on my brows has been the brow gels/mascaras mainly because they are super easy and do a great job.

My FAVORITE product is probably Benefit Gimme Brow from their new brow line. Super easy and accurate applicator, not to mention the formula doesn’t budge from your brows throughout the entire day. 



This product comes out to around 22 bucks…it’s only downfall being how little product you get (pretty sure it is less than an ounce). SO I went on the hunt for something that works the same and has more bang for my buck and found a great dupe.


I love this product JUST as much as gimme brow. Same coloring, close formula, and same great applicator. I got this at target for around 7 dollars so I would definitely say that is a steal…

let me know what you think and if you know of any other dupes for gimme brow out there!


Published by Marisa Costales