A surprising and somewhat disappointing pilot season rush, plus an interesting new Hulu show!

We now know most, if not all of the new shows picked up by the broadcast networks, and are just waiting for trailers and schedules from the Upfronts.  And some curious moves all around!

ABC mostly stuck to what was expected, handing out orders for The Rookie, A Million Little Things, Grand Hotel and Whisky Cavalier.  The other pilot that seemed to be a sure thing, False Profits, is apparently still in the mix.   Somewhat surprisingly, The Fix also got sent to series, while For The People got a pretty shocking renewal.  Besides the fate of False Profits, the big question for ABC now may be whether they give the new Nathan Fillion show a prized time slot, or put it in a troubled spot on the schedule, expecting the star to rise to the challenge.

CBS, as expected, went with Magnum PI and God Friended Me, also throwing in The Code and The Red Line.  Nothing really exciting here.  LA Confidential may still be placed somewhere, though presumably not on the main CBS channel.

Fox initially went according to script by picking up The Passage.  I’ll check it out, but something about the dragged out route of this show to the screen is reminding me of another Fox genre show, Terra nova.  Hopefully this one turns out better.  Next they were supposed to pick up the Katie Holmes FBI pilot, but that didn’t happen.  Or hasn’t happened yet?  Fox did pick up Proven innocent, which pretty much seems to be ABC’s one and done show Conviction come back from the grave. 

NBC has opted to give Manifest a chance, in spite of some less than stellar reviews.  I’ll definitely check it out, but only time will tell if this will fare better than recent sci fi shows like The Crossing and The Event.  NBC has also ordered their psychic procedural The InBetween, as well as apartment building soap The Village, and The Enemy Within, a show about a notorious criminal who joins a law enforcement team.  So it’s basically The Blacklist?  Which NBC already has on the schedule?  And the net passed on the Bad Boys spinoff which had seemed to be a sure pickup.

Finally, the CW mostly went according to the rumours.  Which means a yes for Charmed, Roswell, In the Dark, the football show and The Originals spinoff.  For the second time, a Supernatural spinoff is getting passed over.  I’m skeptical about Roswell and in the Dark, though both shows have been reviewed well.

Hulu has ordered a series based on Light as a Feather, a Wattpadd story about a group of girls who begin to die after playing a game of Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, exactly as the game predicted.

Published by Andrew Clendening