Hey everyone, I wanted to keep it simple today since I got home fairly late in the evening and had to get other things finished up, blah! Anywho, I went to the gym today and of course I wanted to speak on another exercise that I enjoy doing when I am doing upper body day! Today we will discuss the Upright Cable Row, many of you have either done this yourself or have watched someone perform this exercise and it isn't strictly for cables, it can be done using other means of equipment as well (we will go into that). I adore this exercise of no other reason than it is easy and does a whole lot. This exercise doesn't require a huge amount of weight and doesn't require a whole lot of steps. I provided a video up top for some of you who may need direction, of course it isn't of my pretty face. LOL. Sorry, I am working on doing that, in the meantime, I trust these guys.  For starters I do these more often than not at the gym, like today, I lifted 25-30 lb and did about 8 reps and went for time and not sets this time. I did it for about 10 minutes with a 30sec- 1 minute break between sets. I could have went heavier but I was content with my weight and stayed in proper form and technique (if you notice your form or technique is fading, then time to re-evaluate the load).  


How to do this, step by step:

  1. Grasp a straight bar cable attachment that is attached to a low pulley with a pronated grip, that is slightly less than shoulder width.  The bar should be resting on top of your thighs, your arms should be extended with a slight bend at the elbows, and your back should be straight (starting position).
  2. Use your side shoulders to lift the cable bar as your exhale.  The bar should be close to your body as you move it up.  Continue to lift it until it nearly touches your chin.  The elbows should drive the motion as you lift the bar.  
  3. Lower the bar back down slowly to the starting position, Inhale as your perform this portion of the movement. 
  4. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Equipment you can choose to use:

  • Barbell
  • Dumbbells
  • Cables
  • the smith machine
  • kettlebells 

Body it works on: 

  • Traps
  • shoulders
  • biceps

I hope all of your will give this a go, as it is a good beginner exercise and really strengthens those muscles! 


Your fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xoxo


Published by Shay-Lon Moss