You opened this letter, so it means that you reached one of the hard times. We knew this would happen, we tried to prepare for this, although we knew it is not really possible. That is why I wrote this letter. That is why you read it. I know you feel your world is upside down now, you have no ground under your feet, surrounded by cold, darkness and emptiness far from everybody. But that is not what matters.

Did you know that the Australian World map is upside down, like south points to the top and north to the bottom of it? Funny, how most people get confused on this little circumstance. How the mind and body can deceive us about the importance of certain things while they hardly change anything really, like the world seems upside down just because you look on the map differently.

But your are more than that, aren't you? Your world is not that surrounds you, but that is inside you. Your skills, your thoughts, your strength, your emotions. You are the light, so there is no more darkness. You are the warmth, so there is no more cold. You are the matter, so there's no more emptiness. Your loved ones are inside you, so you are not alone anymore.

So turn your dumb head if the world seems upside down. Think about why are you there. Think about what are you doing there. Think about who you are. I know you well. I know your dreams, I know your fears, I know how you feel, how you fight, how you love. I know you because I am you. And I know you have not changed. You are the same person writing this letter. You are upright. Your world is upright.

Published by Draw'n'Tale (Kata&Gábor)