Welcome back to my blog. Today I have a bit of different post ‘Urban Decay vs Too Faced’ where I will compare the two brands and their eyeshadow palettes and my preferences. I hope you enjoy!

First I will start by saying they are both very similar in price. I believe the Urban Decay palettes are £38 and the Too Faced palettes are £39, so there really isn’t that much difference between them.

You all Know i do love Urban Decay palettes and I have spoke about them before. I think they are lovely in every which way pretty much. The packaging is lovely and simple; the variety of eyeshadows in each palette is incredible so you can create a variety of looks from everyday, to evening to date night looks. The quality and pigment of the eyeshadows are good as well and can easily be blended out. The only problem I seem to have with these palettes is the amount of fallout. For some reason I do experience a quite  bit of fallout especially against the Too Faced palettes.

For this reason I do tend to prefer the Too Faced palettes. I find again the packaging in these products are lovely and really cute. The palette again provides a good range of colours, a nice mix of matte,which helps you create a variety of looks. The quality of the eyeshadows are super and really pigmented and super easy to blend. I just find these easier to apply than the Urban Decay ones because there is less fallout.  This means I don’t have to worry about cleaning up eyes and cando my face makeup first which is my personal preference.

These are both super good brands which great quality eyeshadow palettes. You wouldn’t be disappointed with purchasing an eyeshadow palette from either brand. I do enjoy using both to create different looks and will switch between them on a daily basis. I do just find myself reaching towards my Too Faced palettes slightly more, but I do love both brands and would recommend either. Too Faced just slightly edge it for me haha!

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