As you all know by now, the US presidential elections are going to be decided in a few months and the two candidates for the major parties, Democrats and Republicans, have officially been selected and a lot of people are really pissed off. These two candidates are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who are both names that arouse extreme disgust from countless people from all around the world.

First, let's talk about Hillary Clinton. One of the main reasons why Clinton is so widely hated is because of who she represents to the average person: the establishment. She is a person, who to them, does not care about the American working class. She supports the TPP, she adopts economic policies that align with corporate interests, and she gives multi-million dollar speeches to oil and gas companies (whose transcripts by the way, have yet to be released, if ever). She is also seen as a hawk who would dive head first into war, a quality demonstrated in her foreign policy, namely the fact that she was one the politicians who supported the Iraq War which was a catastrophe that facilitated the creation of ISIS. Clinton is also seen as a racist which can be inferred from her referring to young black youths as "Super-predators" in order to advance a crime bill that made lives for underprivileged minorities a living hell. She has since apologized for this but to be honest, it's just empty words at this point. The fact that she has done next to nothing to redeem herself gives us a reflection on who she is as a human being and as a politician. Another thing Clinton is commonly accused of is having no clear political ambitions and basically pandering to whatever can get her more votes. This is demonstrated by the fact that Clinton changed her stance on Gay Marriage only when it became very popular and also changing her stance on the TPP to pander to Sanders' supporters only to later go back to her original stance.

While Clinton is mainly hated for her politics, Donald Trump on the other hand is hated for the persona he chose to adopt during his campaign. He is seen as a person who panders to the lowest common denominator and some might even suspect that he doesn't even believe half the stuff that comes out of his mouth. The Republican party is extremely reluctant to accept him as their candidate for reasons I believe are purely based on personal image and not at all related to values, because I'm pretty sure that the Republican Party has had people within its ranks who might be even worse than Trump in that regard, none of them have ever been so readily disowned (Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Ted Cruz, etc...). Trump is also hated for his irresponsible comments about other people (from racist remarks to making fun of the disabled), his overwhelmingly bombastic personality, his constant bragging, his outlandish policies (some of which are impossible to properly implement. One of them being the Muslim ban (This is something I might explain in a later post)), his less-than-reputable business dealings (from a University that lacks any form of credibility to the destruction of an entire ecosystem to build a golf course), and most importantly, his lack of any legitimate political credentials (all of the other candidates have previously served in politics as either Senators or Governors).

As I've shown here, both candidates are viewed as being extremely dangerous and people at this point are trying to sort out the lesser evil. In my personal opinion, it is extremely sad that a country like the US, which is the self-proclaimed "Best Nation in the World", has to resort to the cowardly principle of lesser evilism when this problem could've easily been avoided had Bernie Sanders been the Democratic nominee instead of Hillary. Now Bernie Sanders is gone and we are left with these two candidates. I personally can't tell you who to choose or to even choose at all. Who do you personally think is the lesser evil: The loud-mouthed businessman who proposes outlandish policies and has a penchant for talking a big game, or the corrupt neo-liberal hawk who embodies everything the average man hates about the American establishment.

Remember America, the whole world is watching...

Published by Omar Jamal