The parties' national conventions are imminent and the gloves will be coming off on the Presidential campaign trail.  The biggest potential losers? Voters in the U.S.

First, for the past two years the Presidential campaigns have been run like a bad "reality" show.  People, this is a job interview. The job being applied for is President of the United States. Arguably, Leader of the Free World. And yet, it's played out like a high-school popularity contest. U.S. Voters: You've GOT to raise your standards for job applicants!

Second, just because you think a candidate is the best for the job, doesn't mean s/he will get it. Deal with it! Your voice is still important and critical. Use it! If you don't vote in protest, you're not being counted in ANY way. Vote your conscience so that your vote may be counted, whether or not your candidate of choice wins the election.

Third, your candidate didn't make the cut for the general election? Suck it up! Sitting out the election, or writing in your preferred candidate's name only helps soothe your hurt feelings. Be a grown-up and vote for one of the candidates running...the one you disagree with least. That's the only way your voice is heard and your vote counts.

Due to party polarization, unprecedented in the history of this country, serving the people of this great nation from Capitol Hill has been a non-starter.  All the obstructionists, on both sides of the aisle, should reimburse the salaries they did not earn to the taxpayers.

Especially over the past six years, women have been infantilized and their right to decide how to care for their bodies aggressively curtailed, not by medical professionals but by professional ideologues and blow-hards. Just as the incidence of rape and sexual assault on women has increased, so has the incidence of legislative rape and sexual assault.  This. Has. To. Stop!

President Obama won the elections in 2008 and 2012 with a definitive majority of the votes. Votes cast by the citizens in this country qualified to vote. Yet Congress wasted their time, and taxpayers' money, for most of that time in attempting to repeal the laws and appointments made, as well as executive orders signed, by the Obama administration. Can the people of this country afford another four years of law-makers not doing their jobs?

The problems facing this country in the next four years are far more serious than a popularity contest winner can resolve. We are facing issues of respect, of an economy that is not serving the vast majority of the population (and no, a country's economy is not managed the same way as a corporate balance sheet!), climate change, just to name a few.

Take a good, long look at the job applicants' resumes: those running for President and, more importantly, those seeking the jobs at the municipal, county, and state levels. Choose those who represent you carefully and mindfully.

THAT's your job!


Published by Margarita Danielian