Nowadays almost all the companies have an online presence of their own to build a market and to promote the products all around the world. A good website also makes a company look highly business oriented and professional. Now, opening a website needs a lot of effort like purchasing a domain, designing a website with the help of a professional developer, etc. Nowadays a lot of people cannot afford this huge cost initially for a small website, so is the best solution for the companies that don’t want to invest any money in making a website.

Yes, it is entirely for free at provides free hosting so that you too can have an internet presence and increase your empire. The best part is that a lot of features are available for free like email ids and MySQL databases, etc. let’s take a quick overview of the various benefits and features that gives:

Benefits And The Features Of 000webhost

The overview o the various benefits that you get out of are listed below –

•    The uptime guarantee of 99% even at the free plan

•    Best web hosting service that you can easily avail for free.

•    Website installer with a single click.

•    Free website builder for the people that have no prior experience of designing a website.

•    An opportunity to earn money easily online.

The Features In Details

•    The Free Hosting Services – If you need the website of your company to be up in no time and running smoothly then does just that. Your domain name can be hosted along with the help of cPanel, and it will not cost you anything for all of these. With the help of 000webhost, numerous websites are present today on the internet with completely free of cost. All you need to do to build your website is to sign up. Also, the paid plans come with some added features which are also quite cheap.

•    The Uptime Guarantee Of 99.9% - Your website can remain down for about 30 to 4o minutes if the host providers do any changes in their hardware and configuration. During this period you need not worry about losing your data as 999.9% uptime is always guaranteed by If high uptime is one of the basic things that you are looking for then, 000webhsot is definitely not going to disappoint you.

•    Cpanel, Mysql And PHP Support – With zero restrictions MySQL and PHP are both supported by Various PHP features like the PHP sockets, XML, Zend, GD2, curl, etc. are completely supported by The admin panel is also based on cPanel which is quite advanced, and the database support is of high quality. The 10 GB of bandwidth along with a disk space of 1000mb is what is required to maintain an even huge database of websites. So with this high amount of panel and database support, your website is sure to be in perfect condition.

•    Website Builder For Free – It is very easy for the people that don’t know how to build a website of their own. Just three steps and you can choose your favourite template pr check out of thousands to give your website a really unique look and feel to it. All you need to do is to select a design that you find suitable for the kind of content that you are going to publish. The next step is to add content to your design and to publish it finally. There are numerous things that you can add to it, for example, a contact form, a gallery, a subpage, etc. the advantage of this feature is that no help of any third party apps or designers is required for your free site.

•    CMS Script Installer In Just A Single Click: With the help of you can easily install any scripts that you want on your website like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc. to manually install the CMS from the very own official knowledge required. The people need not have any developer knowledge; the free hosting services gives you access to the auto installer by which you can install any script that you want with the help of a single mouse click, your website can be soon transformed into an online gallery and a forum for displaying your creative side.

•    Easily Make Money Online – The best thing about is that you can become one of their affiliates and earn money by promoting their products on your free website. The steps are easy; firstly signing up is required then on will get a referral link which is going to be unique. Next, this link can be promoted on top of your site in the form of banners and every time someone registers with that link you put up on that banner you get paid for it. By referring five users, 5$ can be earned, by referring 100 users you can earn $100 and so on. This payment is made easily to the users of 000webhost with the help of PayPal. So you get quick cash without any hassle.

Pros and cons

Pros – perfect for the newbie who just want to experience being on the internet, there are numerous other plans like the business or the premium plans and not just the free plan is available, 99.9% uptime is of huge advantage to a majority of users, earning money becomes easy.

Cons – paid plans have more features than the free plan so you might find some important features lacking in this free version.

Still, is the best free web hosting providers, and there are users all around the world who run their websites with the help of them. They are easily the best in this field, and it is great to sign up and experience all the amazing features completely for free. So sign up today and make your website.

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