This time of year means sun , bugs and poison ivy. Which means sunscreen, bug spray and topical ointments. Most commercially sold products along these lines contain chemical after chemical. That means everyday you use sunscreen or bug spray you are exposing your family to potential toxic substances. Ingredients in chemical sunscreens have been shown to cause some serious health issues and "deet" sunscreen has been shown to cause cancer.

So here's the question? what do we do? Allow our selves and our kids to be exposed to potentially harmful UV sun rays and disease spreading insect bites ? Or slather them with cancer causing toxic chemicals everyday of the summer? Neither sounds good to me. Thankfully there is a third option.

The healthy option is to ditch the chemical products and switch to effective all natural remedies. All natural oils and herbs can be just as effective as the chemical products without all the side effects of the toxic chemicals.

Here are some great all natural recipes to help keep your family safe and healthy all summer long:

1  All Natural Sunscreen Recipes:  .

2. Herbal bug spray:

3.Poison ivy Salve:

4.Cooling Aloe spray:

Published by Gretchen Foley