In case you are living under a rock, last night was the VMA's. (Video Music Awards-even though MTV doesn't show videos anymore!) I have been watching the VMA's for as long as I can remember, well scratch that. I stopped watching MTV when they stopped showing music. So when the 90's ended, I broke up with MTV. That does not mean that I didn't peak every now and again to see what was going on. I mean I like music. 

And I love Britney Spears. 

As a devoted fan, I have been there for all of her performances on the VMA stage. Even the cringe worthy 2007 performance that shall not be named. 

So, last night I was excited to see her take the stage once again. I even worked out around the VMA's schedule so I could catch her. When Ms. Spears finally took the state, I thought this is it. Sure, she was nervous. That is expected. I mean people remember your last performance Britney,  and in case anyone forgot the world was happy to remind EVERYONE. Even those who weren't even around back then! 

I understood that this performance was supposed to be about the music. I was excited cause I thought she would sit and sing, not move around. But then it wouldn't be a Britney show now, would it! 

Having said that I am going to admit that her performance felt an after thought and really let me. During her performance, she did some things. (Danced, changed microphones, added a jacket, did a duet, etc) I am not sure why she switched microphones. Was that to prove she was/wasn't lip syncing? And then the outfit addition. Ok, is there a new playbook that says all performing artist must have at least one outfit change during a show? 

The whole thing just made me sad. I miss the nineties Brit Brit. You know the one who knew the words to her own songs. The confident one. The singer who owned the stage. That is the Britney that I loved, and miss. 

If we could get her back that would be great. 

However, she is gone. Which breaks my heart, but I will still love Britney. 

Why? Because she is a part of my generation. She is my Madonna, and just like Madonna she has had her ups and downs. Right now I am hoping for more ups than downs. Come on Britney step it up girl! 



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Published by Christina Queen