As a blogger, coming up with new ideas and blog posts everyday is hard work! Whether it is for inspiration, creating blog posts or just writing down ideas, there are essential tools that make blogging much easier!

App of your blog’s platform// Whether you use WordPressBlogger or Tumblr, you should download the app of your blog’s platform! It’s one of the easiest ways to keep track of comments and take a look at your blog’s latest stats! For me, it’s the first app I use in the morning!

Evernote// This app allows you to write notes, save photos and web articles, create to-do-list and even record voice reminders. If you like to keep everything about your blog organised like me, you should definitely download Evernote!

Pinterest// Pinterest is everything a blogger needs. When I struggle to come up with something new, I always turn to Pinterest and it never failed to inspire me! It’s also a good way to increase your blog’s traffic!

Pocket// Whenever I am browsing the internet and spot an interesting article or blog post, I save it on Pocket to read it later (offline). This app is useful and easy to use!

Bloglovin’// Few days ago, I made a post about 4 blogs I’ve been loving recently (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should).  I love to discover new blogs and content ideas every now and then! It helps me get inspiration when I’m in search of it. And what better way to do so than scrolling through Bloglovin’? I love Bloglovin because it combines all of my favorite blogs in one place! What could be more ideal?

What apps do you find useful for you as a blogger? I love hearing from you!

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Published by Marilyn Nassar