During every deer hunting season, countless people get away from work, postpone social events and change their life for a few weeks to hunt deer. Unfortunately, many of these people are coming home and they do not have to show anything except forgiveness and stories.

Many of them have changed from the facts. Acquiring the necessary skills will help you to realize a significant increase in your chances of bringing a deer home.

The following are the tips that will make you a better deer hunter:



Despite the weapons you use, you should practice until you experience it. Every year there are many hunters in the jungle who did not even think about changing bow or rifle till they were in the camp! This is a recipe for disaster. You can jump on one shot that you have this year if the gun does not follow you or shoots badly.


Be scent free

It is amazing how many hunters do not smell as severe as they should. Even if you are a hood, you have to make every effort to keep the smell low.


Changes in strategy for more success

If you are a tree hunter and you do not see the deer, do not be afraid to change strategy and find a place for the blind. The same applies to the archers. Do not focus on hunting in one direction.


Hunt through the middle of the day

Many hunters think that they should stop hunting around 9 or 10 in the morning. When it is on the day of routine, full moon and rain, they get big success in the middle of the day. Take extra food and water and be ready to stay in the afternoon or better, stay the whole day. You might be surprised by what you see.


Take advantage of other hunters

If you hunt at a place where there are many other predators, try to use them for your benefit, the deer tells us better than the better we do. Find the way to escape and get there much earlier than any other predator. Stay in the woods and enter it.


Use the best possible tools

Do not go cheap for hunting devices. If cheap rubber boots are leaks and your feet are cold, you probably do not hunt for a long time. The same applies to other means. If this does not work or it is inconvenient, you will return to the truck immediately. The best crossbow for the money is an effective tool for any deer hunting & should be packed for your next adventure.

Published by ahmed shifat