I'm convinced that we are always only one fret away. That's what my guitar guru (@MarioLoor) tells me about soloing. Tere are so many modes, scales, and positions on the guitar neck that if you pick anoy note it will either be in key or right next to the r"right"note. Insead of making drastic changes to my life, I am experimenting with making small adjustments to my current situation and then observing the resultss.Work was straining me. 6 days a week for more than 6 moths. 50+hours/week might not be much for a doctor or CEO, but it stifled my creativity and put blinders on so that I could not see the beauty of the world. Maybe that means I'm not doing what I love. So I hinted at homw even thought I don't work 1/2 as much as the owners, it's too much. They hired another person so now I just roast and can focus on growing the business. Also, to get a workout and eat breakfast, I have to get up at 6:1ish, an hour before the sun. I'm m not Rocky or the Rock, so I asked if coming in an hour later to start roasting would mess them up. Changes are in the breeze. We are all resting our legs at Glazed. Jon and Megan have literally worked themselves ill over the last 5 years. They only take off time when they are physically unable to go on. With a new house and puppy, things are looking up for them. Me too. They are pretty cool. They know we aren't cut from the same cloth and that I'm a gypsy trying to sit still. It's kind of cool having mutual respect all around the workplace. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Who knows what the future holds. When we communicate what it is that we want, our environment responds. Keeping these whiny discontentments to ourselves is the breeding ground of sour emotions. - How do I feel this week about materialism? It is as if you are addressing present problems (a neverending river) with chosen solutions. My shoelace broke on my work shoe. I could: A) have a loosely tied shoe which could lead to injury, B) weave together hair fibers to make an inferior, time consumiing product, or C) buy a new pari for $3 on Amazon. It feels good, temporarily of course to solve these problems, until the next problem overshadows the success of previous ones. This I ahve come to learn is life. Beating deat (or rather postponing it), one problem at a tim until my energy divides and the problems overpower my ability to solve them. The best attempt to defeat death would of course be topass the torch. Spawn a legion of new soldiers to commence the long and arduous journey of life's problems. So materialism seems to be a natureal method of solving problems. How does this translate to something without exterior possessions? Tke the hooved deer for example. he does not order his grass on Amazon. This foraged fuel enters his cells to solve whatever physical probmlems might be plaguing him that week. Mo money, m o problems. Could we simplify our lives enough tohat all of our problems would be solved by harvesting coconuts? Whoul having a smaller variety of problems improveour experience on Earth? With fewer problems, especially those trivial in nature, athe need for tracking so much information would all but dissappear. Indeed we would becom e simpler. Clarity would inevitably define our thoughts, speech, and actions. We would become easier to communicate with and live with. Buy this logic, we would have na easier time inside of our heads for the simple reason on having leess clutter in our heads. In conclusion, materialism can lead to clutter when misused, which is almost allways will be. Therefore, it is of thutmost importance to stay orgaized and be very careful in allowing complexities into our rooms and heads. - - - Comfort Danger Lust I've noticed and finally may be able to put into words, a certain sickness of the mind which manifests itself in the more developed nations of our world. The neverending search for comfort. our minds are set up in such a way that we can detect differences between two or more things, situations, feeling, temperatures, etc. I'm note sure what other animals do this, but I've seen a dog change sticks several times until she's chosen the "best" one. Children come into the donut shop where I work with their families and begin ranking the universe around them.. They may only have been speaking for a few months, but htey already understand the term "better". Back to the point: I've seen in my more mneuroic freinds, myself certainly included, an insatiable desire to imporove the current situation to the point of air temperature, hmidity, sound, scents, etc. This is how hte wealthy are depicted in the novel I'm throrougtly enjoying, "A Confederacy of Dunces." If you enjoy reading this article, you will be rolling around on the floor with that book.) Comfort is fun and evverything, but the same way all those hippy books teach you to feel happy, as they are simltaneeioulsy reinforcing the truth that you are unhappy, the quest for comfort is unending and only makes you focus on how uncomfortable you are in your own skin. This is why neditation is sucha good practice Dont itch your nose when you are meditating. Just acknowledge "my nose itches, but it will go away because there is no mosquito. It's all in my head." I say "practice" because if you stop meditatino regularly you may lose some skill at being calm. Give your weary heart a chance to rest while you are awake. Your mind will feel better all day. As for comfort, try going without for a while. Focus instead on what you can be grateful for. Camping, working outside, turning your gaze to those with less, I think this is what Jesus was all aboutbefore some greedy assholes perverted his wisdom for profit.

Published by Michael Foote