Many years ago, even before the first humans appeared, there was a species that dominated and is known to be the main one in the world, we refer to dinosaurs. It is said that these were the first to inhabit and that their species could be found both by air, sea or mountains.

 Nowadays, dinosaurs are still valid in our lives as a costume. The realistic dinosaur costume is a full-body dinosaur suit. It is plotted with a realistic dinosaur color. Stainless steel and foam material used in this costume. It is suitable for adults.  The animated realistic dinosaur costume will make you different in the party.

How to use realistic dinosaur costumes for adults?

The costume is mainly used in parties and cultural programs. While it is known that a meteorite erased them from the earth and our lives, we can bring them back to life for one night or the duration of an event.

  • It is very easy to operate.
  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • The wearer can dance and move without having any difficulties.
  • Can see outside clearly through the camera.
  • The left-hand trigger used for blink eyes.
  • Roar by moving left hand.
  • There is a fan installed inside to feel comfortable during party time.

Make realistic dinosaur costume for adults yourself

Do you dare to make this dinosaur costume? So the most important thing is that initially you are a forecaster and have the materials you will need.

Step 1: Prepare the glue coating

To cover the tail of the dinosaur costume, we will use the green or brown fabric, depending on the color we have chosen. With this fabric, we must first cut the silhouette of two elongated isosceles triangles, do not worry about this term since then you can see in the photo what the shape of this type of triangle is.

Don't you have many pulses? Then do not hesitate to make a previous marking with a ruler and pencil.

Step 2: Glue consistency

Once we have the two pieces of triangle-shaped fabric, it is essential to sewing the ends of each other, leaving the widest part without sewing since this is going to be filled with cotton or foam to give consistency to the tail.

The more consistency you have, the more realistic dinosaur costume can be, so do not hesitate to compress the material you use, although it is also true that the greater the amount of filling, the more the seam of the ends should be reinforced to avoid problems.

Step 3: Sew the tail to the sweatshirt

Once the tail has the desired consistency, it is time to place it in the entire costume. To sew it more comfortably, it is recommended that you first sew the end through which the filling had been introduced.

With the structure of the tail well sewn, it is time to place it in the back of the sweatshirt, approximately in the lumbar area and well centered, joining it through a thread of the same color.

Step 4: Prepare the claws of the dinosaur

To achieve a realistic dinosaur costume, there are obviously certain characteristics of these prehistoric animals that we cannot ignore; one of them is the claws. Creating them is very simple since we only need felt and scissors.

Step 5: Sew the claws to the sweatshirt

Felt-made claws should be sewn to the sweatshirt, at the upper end of the sleeve, so that once the costume is placed, the shape of the claw is covering almost the entire hand.

Obviously, it will be important to maintain the color of the thread chosen initially. For a more neat finish, it is recommended that the stitches be given inside the sleeve of the sweatshirt and not on the outside, where they could be more easily noticed.

Step 6: Perfect the claws

To finish perfecting the claws that are sewn to the sweatshirt, we will need to cut a total of 6 small triangles of thick cardboard, which we will later paint white and let dry.

When the paint used on the cardboard is completely dry, it is time to glue one of these cards on each finger of the claws.

Step 7: Shape the head of the dinosaur costume

As you have seen so far, developing a dinosaur costume does not involve great complexity, although it does take time. At this point, we arrive at one of the parts of the elaboration that is possibly the most complex: create the structure of the dinosaur's head.

To do this, we will take a large piece of cardboard and fold it in a U-shape, exerting pressure so that this shape is maintained. With the form already made, we can only cover this structure with felt. Keep in mind that later you will have to decorate the head of the dinosaur, therefore, on the top and back of this structure; stick the felt keeping a fold. It will serve so that later the eyes can be added.

Step 8: Make the eyes and teeth of the dinosaur

We are about to finish this dinosaur costume. It is only necessary to complete with some important but very simple details that will be destined so that the cardboard formed with felt acquires the appearance of the face of a dinosaur.

For the eyes, we can use cardboard, cutting two oval pieces that will be the eyes. We will paint the cardboard white and once this first coat of paint has dried, we will make the shape of some vertical pupils with the black marker.

For the teeth, we will cut several triangular pieces of cardboard, which we will also paint white. Once the paint has dried, we will glue these "teeth" to the bottom of the head structure, which would become the jaw. We recommend that the glue on the inner side of the cardboard. This way, they can stand out, but the glue will not be noticed.

Is there anything else to have the dinosaur's head ready? Yes, the nostrils. To achieve their effect, it will only be necessary to glue two very small pieces of felt on the front of the structure. They will not stick together, but the front end should be separated from the structure.

Step 9: Place the head inside the hood

There are several ways to fix the structure of the dinosaur head to the hood of the sweatshirt. The simplest is to place the structure on the head of the person to be disguised and then cover it with the hood. In this way, the back is tight and the dinosaur head is fixed. It is not the most common method, sure.

Step 10: The dinosaur spines

Does your dinosaur have spikes embedded in its spine? In this case, it is very easy to incorporate them into the costume that you have already created. You only have to use the felt to make the shape of the spikes and then place them along with the sweatshirt, using needle and ice.


The spikes can begin to be placed on the back of the hood or only on the tail. It is already a completely individual decision and that can also be made based on the individualities that each costume presents.

One of the most attractive parts of the costume that we present in this article is that the centerpiece on which it is made, the sweatshirt, can be reused if we already have one, which greatly reduces the economic cost. However, we still need to complete the bottom of the realistic dinosaur costume for adults.

Published by Chowdhury Shahid-uz-zaman