The year is almost over and after a careful assessment of your business; you realize that most of your marketing goals for the year were not met. Without a fail-proof marketing strategy then it means the same trend will happen the next year. The problem could be with the type of packaging you use for your products.  The good news is detailed packaging like custom printed pouches can make a significant impact on how potential customers see your product. Many businesses over the years have come to realize that correct packaging is very important when marketing their products.  Some have even gone a step forward to have customized packaging that meets the taste and preference of their clients.

The packaging industry in the world has enjoyed plenty of innovations and creativity for many years. Over the last decade, the popularity of shaped custom printed pouches has grown. The shaped pouches have gone ahead to revolutionize the whole packaging industry.  Even courier services have attractive packaging, so if you have a business or a company, the packaging you will use for your products has to stand out compared to those of your competitors. Market studies show that consumers are more attracted to flexible pouches which can be recycled easily after being used.

Customized pouches can be used for all types of products, solids, and even liquids. In addition to being versatile, the pouches offer different companies an opportunity to use different printing graphics which are very eye-catching to the buyer: hence play a significant role in visual marketing. Many industries are now adopting the use of shaped pouches in their packaging.  However, there are ways in which you can utilize the shaped pouches and improve the marketing strategy of your business. With correct shaped customized printed pouches you have the opportunity to enhance the marketing coverage of your products.

Below we offer you some few tips on how to use the shaped pouches as a reliable marketing tool:

1. Promoting the shelf products

Whenever an individual walks into a store, they will be attracted to a product that has a unique shape and packaging. Products that have plain packaging tend to get close to zero attention from consumers.  When you use the shaped pouches for your packaging, you have a wide variety of sizes and shapes to pick on depending on the type of product and your target market. You can even get customer feedback when choosing the best shape for your customized pouches. A unique design on the shelf of a retail store will definitely attract more buyers. However, it’s essential to embrace a level of moderation when considering creativity. Avoid packaging designs that will look more crazy than creative.

2. The printing possibilities are infinite

With shaped pouches, you have the freedom to use any printing method without worrying about damaging the products. Many companies use shaped pouches since they have the opportunity to create great graphic prints on their packaging and still market their products. You can sue the following printing methods on your shaped pouches: flexographic, rotogravure and the offset printing methods. The use of photos, vibrant colors and/or vivid logos is possible with the shaped pouches.  The material being used doesn’t get damaged despite being exposed to water and hence no need to be worried that the printing ink might contaminate the products inside.

3. Can be used as promotional products

If you have a company function or you want to give your customers a giveaway you can consider giving them branded small pouches. Some of the best functions where you can offer shaped pouches as promotional products include company meeting, presentation, exposition, and trade show. If you decide to offer giveaways, it’s good to take into consideration how useful will the shaped pouch be to the client. Can they use the shaped pouches for something else, like storage of other things? The essence of giving out free items is not only to market your products but also show how ready your company is in terms of offering products that have multiple uses.  With the correct strategy and research, this move can end improving the popularity of your company among potential customers.

4. Making use of social media

Social media has turned out to be marketing gold mine for many businesses and companies.  Every company has invested in a social media account that not only offers a platform for them to market their products but also to interact with their clients. Combining your shaped pouch with social media marketing will guarantee a better marketing strategy. The number of people, who spend their time online, is a hundred times the number of people who walk into stores. People are more comfortable making purchases online, and the best way to tap this potential market is by targeting the social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram have proven to be one of the most productive social media tools for marketing products. You can come up with a fan page that you will use in promoting your shaped pouches.  The other trick used by big companies when they want to get more buyers from social media is making use of social media influencers. Social media influencers are people who have many followers or fan crowd, and they have the “ability” to influence their followers to buy your products. This method has proved to be very successful especially in the fashion industry. Social media influencers will charge you to market your shaped pouches and products to their fans. But if you are patient, you can create your own fan page and work on growing it. The trick is to have as many followers as possible.

One of the most popular shaped pouches in the market is the bottled shaped pouch. This pouch can be used as a drinking bottle afterward and also it’s very easy to use.  When you decide to use pouching in your marketing, you must remember to differentiate your pouches with that of your competitors. Color, design, graphics printing and message all have to stand out. Understanding your target market will play an important role in coming up with the best-shaped custom printed pouches.


Published by Charlesa Gibson