Utility of Time…

          Now everyone would be wondering, would this again be one of those Brilliant Apps from one of the Smartphone Production Companies;
No… No… It might be a Microsoft Idea and it will cost us Umpteen amounts of Rand / Dollars or Pounds in getting this program to run on our computer!
But wait, Could it be a NEW idea of the Internet – a Website or something along those lines to help us out with what…?

          Not SURE, if any of these guys has got something out like this OR if they’re even Looking to create OR design something along these lines…

Unfortunately, for now, It's just an Idea that’s running around in my Head!

Sorry to disappoint; if you did HOPE for something more than that.

          Even where you’re now reading this, sending it along to someone else or just Caught the Title – it doesn’t matter, because at this point and at Every Second of the day we’re using it OR even struggling with this Concept.

          What do I mean by this?
It’s very easy.
Not one of us has enough time during the day, night or WHENEVER you need be doing something!
This I feel when I’ve worked a full day and HAD NOT finished what I planned to do.
When I get home;
TIRED as I am and tried to Refresh myself.
A Bath, a Strong Cup of Coffee – 
Then I hope that the energy is there again.

          To a Certain extent it is, but as we all might know;
A car battery needs a good Charge and then even after that; it might still have Issues!
THUS, working on my personal projects at home,
It does take the life out of me – Concentration to get it done right the first time and then Realizing that I’ve got to re-work it as I’ve missed something Yet Again!

          I’m not even talking about everyone who is in a Relationship.
What about those of you who have Families and Kids in whichever Direction of life.
There’s School and After School Activities…
What about Everything we plan to get to that has got NOTHING to do with the Kids, Work or some of our Social responsibilities…
The plans for the Vacation, that Possible Promotion or even to plan ahead in Fixing something around the House itself.
Planning for the Second car or even just keeping the Current one running.
There’s so much we cannot Even Being to try and Control that when these things Happen;
What is there to do than just trying our best!

          THAT is the idea.
None of us has got the time TO getting to the;
AND the rest of things we’d like to get done in the DAY.
IN the week and the Entire Month!

          Life feels as if it’s not Slowing Enough.
To SAY the least, it’s constantly trying to Spin around faster than It had done Last Year.
The day doesn’t feel the same either.
We don’t have all that it takes to keep up all the BALLS in the air,
WITHOUT dropping any of them.
All of this is very Relevant to our Lives,
But the fact is this,
The TIME, The DAY, The WEEK, The MONTH and the Year;
All of them are more or less the same.
We’ve only got SO Much more to do in this Short (Felt) time than we had before.

          AND now,
Here’s the Point.
Do what you need to do.
That First thing and do it well.
If you take that time and KNOW that it’s well Spend;
Then you can see which of the Other Plans and Ideas you can get to.
If not, then they might as well wait for, If and When you can get to them.
BUT, if you Spread yourself TOO thin in this; Loosing out because you believed you should DO something for another – Which wasn’t that Important to you;
When will you get the T I M E back in doing the Most important things for now?

          Utilize your Time to the best of your Ability,
The rest, well – get to those if you can or when you have the Time for them…
If not, whoever Believes otherwise will just have to wait and see.
Running around like a Headless Chicken,
That might just waste your time,
Scare the Living Daylight out of the Day
& You’ll have to do it all Over again,
Seeing your Eyes aren’t involved in the Task!

Best of Luck!

Published by Cobus Vermeulen