Utility Wear

When I think of utility wear I think of army pants and jackets and lots of pockets.  It hardly seems chic to me, but there seems to be a new trend.  It doesn't seem to make sense but it actually works, this is called Utility Chic.


As usual, there are a few tips and tricks with this new trend.

Only wear a few things that are utility wear and don't be afraid to mix other trends with it.  

Studs actually work very well, as do stiletto boots.

Ripped Denim also works well.  

If you have a baggy top, such as an army jacket or anorak, make sure the bottom is well fitted.


As you can see in these clothing sets I put together below, there are other trends mixed in such as ripped jeans and studs.


If you go all out utility, you will look like you are trying to look like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, sure she looks amazing but, do you really want to look like you are going to war in the office?

Published by Susan Crowe