Ok, it’s is pronounced Ooh-Vah, but still. Walk down the 900 block of Seymour Street until you find the classy looking, white lounge, step onto the logo, red-carpet, covering the tiled, mosaic floor, glide through the intriguing, dusk, paneled doors, and peer inside until you ‘Sey’ ‘Mour’ Lux & Leisure. Enter into the exclusive drink house, precisely located at 900 Seymour St. (Don’t worry, they made it easy for you to find, even if you’ve already dreen binking). Raise your glass and “strike a pose” because congratulations, You’ve Arrived!

Seymour street is a very luxurious locale, if you know exactly where to go and what you’re doing. This area is known as a hot-spot full of adventure and excitement, and has an established reputation for entertaining everyone, including celebrities, since the 70s. Appropriately named the Arts & Entertainment District, during daytime hours it becomes a quiet place to study or work.

UVA, the Wine Bar and Cocktail Lounge located here, is fully in “Vogue.” If you haven’t satiated your curiosity by visiting this hot little number, consider this a sneak-peek at what you’re missing out on. This is my favorite lounge that I have visited in Vancouver, so far. What took me so long? If you are like me, you have probably glanced at the outside of it, while walking to get to wherever you’re going. Open your eyes, guys! – This is a place you’ll all recognize. So, expand your Pour-Izons, venture inside, and find out what the allure of this area is. Elegant, luxurious, and sophisticated, with the most comfortable lounge-style atmosphere, you will feel settled and enlivened all at the same time. Stress-Be–Gone! Uva lounge is the perfect setting for smaller, more intimate get-togethers of just 2-4 friends; coupled with the ambiance, it’s a real, good-time, pick-me-up. On the flipside, UVA doubles as a relaxing café during the daytime, and it’s cozier and more chic than traditional coffee shops. Offering a more secluded, personal feel, night or day, UVA is a reliable, sure thing.

You will always find great drinks at UVA, whipped up by the usze - bartenders. UVA is the Italian word for grape, so of course they have a great wine list, and since every day at UVA is a fine time to wine and dine, they have Whiskey Wednesdays, instead of the Wines-day usze. Wednesdays at UVA feature $5 snapshots, a Jameson custom shot known for being equal amounts of subtle and spicy. As an added bonus, the new Spring Fling Cocktail Menu is coming out very soon (or it might be fall - you've dreen binking again). Here are some of the fashionable cocktail singles you can expect to find at UVA - Razzle Dazzle!


-Peter Rabbit

-And all different kinds of “Pretty Things”

P.S. Happy Hour is from 2-6pm, so you can work and drink at the same time – coffees… cocktails… coffee/cocktails… it doesn’t matter, as long as the work is getting done. No one needs to know how you find incentive to do what you do; At UVA Wine Lounge, it’s all up to you.

UVA is also a great place to host events and they have live Jazz on Saturday nights, beginning at 9. If you want to take it a step further, “Get Into the Groove,” and give yourself the VIP treatment by booking their private room. They have a secret party room (a.k.a. the “Madonna Room”) hidden at the back of the lounge, with marble floors, chandelier lighting and a flat screen tv. What a great place to start out for a birthday or bachelorette party! All blitzed up in black and gold, the secrets of UVA Lounge exude a feeling of passion, magic and glamour with just the right amount of mystery.

Oooh... Vaaah…

Published by Jennica B.