Ahhhhh, vacation. There is no other word that instills a sense of relaxation and excitement at the same time. It is a time to escape from the everyday stresses that are continually thrown upon us. Sit back, kick up my feet, and let someone pamper me for a few days.

The older I get I look forward to the true relaxation side of vacation. Room service, sitting on the beach, reading, the sun hitting my spf covered skin. There is nothing like completely unwinding.

The anticipation leading up to vacation is always exciting. The first step to making my vacation a reality is I grab my suitcase from storage. Then I begin filling it with travel sized shampoos and other various toiletries. Next comes the clothes, undergarments and so forth. Once I'm done I know it's finally travel day and then the fun really begins. I get to leave reality behind, at least for a little while, and live my own fantasy.

There is no greater creativity bug, at least for me, than vacation. My mind is free of everything else and my imaginary friends are running free and unfettered. A week never seems long enough to capture all the ideas that break free before I have to return back to the real world. So before I disembark on my adventure to fiction and fantasyland, I want to wish everyone a happy and enchanted week. I shall see you when I return from wonderland

Published by Kay Daniels