Vancouver Fashion Week made a statement with a collection that showcased the look of innocence in a bold new way. Laced Silk is the designer of clothing that “looks innocent, but isn’t.” The Toronto fashion label designs clothing from the feminine, delicate fabrics of Lace & Silk, representing purity in a collection made mostly for night. Sanya Lakhani preserved the timeless styles through her photos.

Silk is known, historically, as a secret luxury, reserved for the elite. A light, sensual fabric that merely skims a woman’s body, lends itself to styles that are fluent and comfortable, while alluding to more intimate moments.

Slinky silhouettes like these, draw attention to a woman’s figure, and details added to just the right places accentuate her best assets. In this outfit, Innocence is preserved by an oversized, boho bed-jacket, while a babydoll underneath draws the eye in to focus – Innocent when worn together as an ensemble, provocative when not.

Laced Silk styles are versatile, flirtatious and fun! This off-the-shoulder pantsuit can be worn for almost any occasion, and the colorful, floral print makes it a cute, little Spring-fling ensemble.

Fabrics that make you feel ladylike and pretty can do a lot for your confidence as you go about your llife. Silk trousers make a flashy fashion statement, and feel sleek and gentle against your skin.

A boustier-style camisole is a fun way to show off personality, and lace accents speak sweet romance.

Laced Silk wardrobe pieces are a good investment because they are timeless, so you can spend a bit more on them, and keep your treasured favorites for a long time. These are tasteful style choices that can be tied to some meaningful memories. Lingerie should never look cheap, always elegant - Think sexy sophistication. So invest in the best, and get dressed up to go to bed!

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Published by Jennica B.