What is a food tour?

It’s a tour of the city where you travel around the neighborhood to find the best wineries, breweries, local seafood restaurants and places to go for the best hors d’oeuvres, like charcuterie and the like.


Learn about the history of Vancouver while you’re at it. Vancouver Food tours allows you to experience the city with a group - mix, mingle and make-merry! Because we all like it when people tell us good stories with glasses of wine in all of our hands, more fun and relaxed = better stories. And we also like adult parties with our favorite guests, by invitation only. They do bachelor and bachelorette parties, so you don’t have to worry about the entertainment.

We’re more cazse here (a.k.a. Casual). Vancouver Food Tours is experienced in hosting upscale parties (happy fun times) to upscale parties (happy fun people) - Classy Cazse. They also do business and Vancouver Visitor Tours, for guests in the city.


Someone asked the question: “Do I have to drink on this tour?”

The answer is No. Non-alcoholic beverages can be arranged, for those who don’t want to drink, and to be honest, we love the Virgin Cocktails in Vancouver just as much as we love the real thing. Westender bartenders are creative with their creations, and you can be treated to bright, light liquor without the kicker. FYI: Virgin does not necessarily mean that the drink is completely alcohol free. It means that your drink has a percentage of 0.5% or less alcohol. We’ve had some pretty artistically styled cocktails before – More Berry, Less Merry. We recommend that you take advantage of the all-inclusive tours, and get the real deal; however, there are also attractive options for those who choose to abstain – advanced notice required.

The tours are varied, and you can book in for specific areas, within the city, or find food fare to amuse bouche. Here are a few examples of what to expect on select tours:


Gastown Tasting Tour

A tour through the beautiful, artful history of Gastown, this tour begins with a selection of appetizers, followed by cocktails and canapes. Afterwards, enjoy three varieties of wine, accompanied by hors d’oeuvres. End the night with a section of Rum-blended Cocktials.


Urban Experience Tour

The urban experience includes four locations, with food and drink pairings, and guests are treated to transportation, between locations. In addition to your chauffeur, information guides accompany guests to provide education about the hospitality industry in Vancouver. Winery excursions are a part of this tour, complete with a sampling of BC wines. If that’s not enough, there is a Sake Serving, as well, in which you will find the best source of this cool, Japanese, thirst quencher – perfect for summer - sample the best in the city! The tour ends in a Cocktail Quest, so participants can sip seasonal spirits in style.


West Coast Adventure Tour

The West Coast adventure is an elaborate tour, so good, we’re surprised we didn’t think of it ourselves! An overnight tour that begins in Vancouver, passes through Victoria, and ends on Salt Spring Island treats guests to dinner at award winning restaurants. Travel is provided with Helicopter and Sea Plane, to arrive at Island Destinations, close by.

With all the Lux and Leisure, mixed into these tours, we don’t know what to do with ourselves! We suggest taking full advantage, and booking whatever suits your best interests; the tours start at as low as $80 for the basic events, and Vancouver Food Tours take the planning and decision making process away for you, to make it that much easier - It’s already been done for you – All you need to do is jump in and enjoy Vancouver to the fullest extent; Why spend time trying to arrange everything yourself?

Different from Dine Out Vancouver, Vancouver Food Tours run all year round, and are not based on a single, special event in the city. These tours are readily accessible, at your fingertips. You get to sample from a variety of local businesses, and the events are hosted by knowledgeable staff in the food and drink industry. It’s like having your very own, local guide.

You’re spoiled

Vancouver Food Tours accepts guests for regularly scheduled tours, and they also book private parties in for planned evenings of your choosing. Request your dates, or arrange things on your own terms, according to personal preferences and prices. Vancouver Food Tours main office is located on Homer St. and they hold office hours between 8am – 4pm, Monday to Friday.


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