You open your eyes and groan,
uncaring for the sunlight
that reminds you you’re not alone.
Looking towards the window,
you wait,
wishing for a reversal of fate.

The sunlight grows cold on your skin,
and sitting up,
you become aware of the position you’re in:
a moment when the hairs on your arms start to rise,
and you wonder what you’d miss if you just
closed your eyes.

Everyone, including you, greets the day.
The day greets you back, but tells you to stay
in the bed you call home, because just this once
the day will embark on the path fate has marked
for you, and you alone.

Watch the day unfold outside your window,
watch the day greet those you love.
Watch the day move slowly, gracefully,
the way you do when you think no one is looking.

Watch the day smile after a sip of coffee,
and watch it laugh at your best friend’s jokes.
Watch the day as it reacts to all your problems,
and watch it grow angry even when unprovoked.

Your shoulders are hunched
and your hair is a mess,
but all day you haven’t left the comfort of your bed.
Through all the stress
and the aching in your head,
you needed today, just to rest.

Meanwhile, the day became you
and (in lieu) did its very best.

Tomorrow you’ll wake up, and the day will greet you.
You’ll step outside, feel the day by your side,
and know that if the day can be you and still return home,
then you can be the day
and make it your own.

© Jade Moore 2016

Originally published on my blog

Published by Jade Moore