Are you looking forward to buying a new vaporizer? If yes, then grab your hands on the new VapeXhale Cloud Evo vaporizer. Wondering why? Well, there is not one but many reasons to purchase the device. We will guide you with a few tips to consider when choosing the right one and make your search easier.

So, let’s begin with the VapeXhale Evo review.

Build Quality

One of the best thing about the vaporizer is the excellent build quality. Despite the plastic base, the unit is well-built, and the parts are well-machined. The device comes with a temperature control knob which makes the unit sturdy and responsive. The unit is well-designed and doesn’t provide much room for the mechanical failures. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

Vapour Quality

Talking about the vapour quality, the device is power-packed to deliver great vapes. You will enjoy dense and flavorful vapours. The device comes with a glass mouthpiece which allows the vapour to cool on its way to you. All you need to do is set the desired temperature and get the desired effects. Just start your vaping session, sit back and enjoy amazing vapes.


The design of the vaporizer is something which will leave you awestruck. The device comes with a plastic body, which makes it lightweight. One unique point of the device is its hydro tube, which will give a distinctive pleasure.

Ease of Use

Speaking of its ease of use, the device is pretty simple to operate. You will get a power control button and a temperature control dial on the front, which allows you to make necessary settings. You can easily load the herbs in the bowls, then put it on the top of the ground glass section. The unit uses light to indicate you when the device has reached its desired temperature. The device will glow red light when it needs more time to reach the desired temperature and green light when the device is ready to use. Simple, isn’t it?


There are a few options which you will get with the vaporizer that will help to make your experience the best one. You can use different hydro tubes/mouthpieces to get the perfect vapour. You can also a travel case and a stand for the hydro tube, which is used to vaporize the concentrates. All these things help to give you a pretty amazing vaping experience. One thing to keep in mind is all these things are added and you need to spend extra to get such effect.


The device is neither a balloon style or a whip-style vaporizer, there is nothing to do with these styles. The device can comfortably be used between two people. So, bring your friend home to have a relaxing vaping session.

Product Pros

To sum up, let’s look at a few top reasons to buy the vaporizer.

  • Pure vapour flavour
  • Quick heat up time
  • Smooth and cool vapour
  • Easy to load
  • Thorough vaporization
  • Big clouds


All in all, the Vapexhale Evo vaporizer is a great unit. One amazing feature which makes the device stands out is the water filtration like a bong. Although the device will give pretty amazing vapours, if you want to make your vaping experience the best, then you have to buy a few additional accessories.

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Published by Kate Westall