Flammable materials may be in solid, liquid and gaseous form. It is important to ensure proper storage of hazardous flammable liquids. Such materials must be stored in a way that workers or employees are not exposed to them.

There must be proper cabinets for flammable liquid storage and a variety of such cabinets are available. They are manufactured commercially, and they should adhere to the safety standards. If you need to store them outside the cabinets, use proper safety approved containers and cans. Safety cans for flammable liquids carry lids that are spring-loaded and internal screen to restrict combustion of the contents.

As the vapors of combustible liquids burn or ignite easily, proper storage is required. Indeed, such liquids have strict storage requirements. Dangerous substances are commonly present in labs, workrooms and research centers. So, flammable liquid storage solutions are required over there even more. Flammable liquid tanks are also available to store them. Here in this section, you will know about the various storage options for flammable liquid.


Explosion-proof and laboratory safe refrigerators

You can never store a flammable liquid in the usual refrigerators. If you store them in the normal refrigerators, it will lead to explosions and accidents. Do not place any of the cans carrying flammable liquid in the freezer or refrigerator which you use at your home. Combustible material can cause ignition which can lead to fire breakout. Internal components may cause sparks and then ignite the flammable liquid. We have special kind of refrigerators to store flammable liquids. They should be explosion proof and laboratory safe unit. The refrigerators must solely be meant for storing flammable materials.

The use of safety cans is more common

If the flammable liquid cannot be stored in the cabinets, you can use cans to store them. Safety cans may store the liquid up to 5 gallons and come with fire-proof safety lid. It has a spring lid and spout cover to store the combustible liquid. Safety can provide pressure relief when exposed to any fire situation.

The need for flammable liquid storage cabinet

Flammable liquid storage cabinets are also a suitable choice to store combustible liquid. The standard design of the storage cabinet has multiple vents and so the material stays protected from any chance of fire. In the cabinets, the vents are mainly placed to the opposite side of the storage unit.

 Place the flammable liquid in the cans and store them in fire-proof cabinets for added safety. The cabinet for storing such liquid is of high standard and is well maintained and well kept. If you find that the cabinet is worn out, do not use that.

Avoid any repair work as such. Do not repaint the cabinet or carry out repair. The structural integrity of the cabinet should be kept intact or there can be greater chances of an explosion.

Proper storage rooms to store flammable liquid

There must be separate storage rooms to store flammable liquid. Such a room for storing liquids should comply with the safety standards.

It should have proper ventilation and needs to have explosion-proof electrical fixtures. There must be necessary equipment in the room to clean the spill, if any.

You must also train your employees to make sure they are able to clean the spill as soon as it takes place. In case of any emergency, the employees must be able to handle everything.

Tips to storing flammable liquid

The storage room where you store combustible liquid must be along the exterior wall for greater safety. Keep a sprinkler system and all other fire safety items in the room. Any ignition in the room should be addressed as soon as possible without any waste of time.

If you want flammable liquid storage containers, look for a professional and experienced company. It must be certified company offering fire-safe containers.

Published by Zac Ferry