I come from a family who could never afford to take me to exotic holiday destinations as a child. Although my parents split when I was very young, I was lucky enough to experience a holiday with them both together. They agreed that although they didn't love each other anymore, they both loved me very much and wanted me to remember one time that we felt like a family. When I was about 4, Butlins was that most magical place ever. I've been abroad with Dad and Mum separately, but I still remember the time we spent altogether to this day. I really believe its not where you go, but who you are with.

That said, I've now grown up, and can't wait to start visiting some new destinations with the B. 
But the question is.. to VACAY or STAYCAY? 
The UK offers some beautiful national parks, bustling cities and quaint campsites fit for families, friends and lovers.
My top UK destinations;
  1. London - There's just no place like it. If, like me, you are from the countryside, you will be blown away by the lifestyle in such a vibrant city.
  2. Brighton - Somewhere I'm so eager to visit. If you like shopping, and quirkiness are your thing, but still want the seaside feel, Brighton is your Mr Right.
  3. Cornwall - OK, I'm bias here. Dorothy was right, there really is nowhere like home. A relaxing friendly, calm and restful break here will revitalise and refresh you. 
My top abroad destinations;
  1. Paris - I fell head over heels in love with the city when I was 10. I've never been to a place like it. The people, the food, the lifestyle. Such a contrast to my little home town.
  2. Berny-Riviere - Situated in Picardy, northern France, this beautiful picturesque town has a population of about 565, so if you want somewhere steeped in history, you'll find nowhere better.
  3. Corfu - Somewhere for everyone. Parties, beaches, historic buildings, and a beautiful ocean.

Published by Daisy