Hey there! Back on the blog with something new: a cooking recipe!

I like to eat as clean and healthy as I can but I'm not following any particular regime or diet. By accident, I step into a recipe for vegan cream cheese and I decided to give it a try, but, since I'm a creative person and I don't like to follow recipes to the letter I added a personal twist: some Basil Pesto!

Here's what you needimg_20170915_210237-01-e1505504122776.jpeg
  • 2 handful of Cashew nuts 
  • 2 tbsp of Basil Pesto
  • salt&pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil

Let the Cashew nuts soak overnight with some water, then blend everything in the food processor, adding your Basil Pesto, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Try it on toast it is heavenly yummy and healthy! Even Mr Greenagenda seems to love it


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