Hello guys!

For today’s breakfast we are having matcha latte!

What’s important with matcha tea? That it’s the regional Japanese one, and with all the happenings there some years ago – Fukushima – it is also important to make sure you buy matcha from regions that are far away from this city – unfortunately. However, Japan produces the most original that you can get and in the highest quality.

Our friends from cosmopolitea, have a bio matcha for cooking – for example!

<– We used this matcha – it is the perfect one if you do not look for ceremonial grade, and still do not solely use it for cooking purposes! Deeeelicious🙂



Once you decided for your tea, you only have to brew water until it gets to 80°C, put your tea powder inside of a bowl, and in order for it to be original, use a bamboo with to make it foamy and airy!

After that you can decide whether you want to drink it purely, or as we do, as a matcha latte!

Yummy yummy! xoxo rosebays

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