Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn't say what you wanted to say but had to get your point across? This isn't just an excercise in good manners where it may be impolite to remark someone's outfit isn't up to par or ignoring the rude way someone responds. We mean when social conventions of the day won't allow you to say what you really want to say.

The Church's curious history as it relates to its sisters in Christ is studded with the suppression of women as conveyors of biblical teaching and ministry. During the eighteenth century, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, and Moravian women were not able to preach. How could they teach what the Spirit had given to them when their path to the pulpit was barred? They poured their learned biblical exegesis in another way -- through forms of literature  viewed as more acceptable for women. Yet, through these accepted venues, some of the most profound theologolical expositions are penned by preachers and teachers in petticoats and lacy gloves.

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Published by Parker J Cole