No matter how many places you get to see in a lifetime, there will always be one more that surprises you. No matter how much beauty you have managed to uncover during your travels, there will always be more beauty left to discover. As much as it is true that no human life is restricted from wanderlust, it is evermore so true that no human life is designed to withstand the immensity of this world. However, many, including me, are constantly fighting the battles of life design, so that they ultimately get this one chance to do what they love, the window to do what they were truly destined for. My choice of a life well lived, is making the most of my spare time....somewhere new, somewhere else, somewhere I've never been before. It takes you about three days to visit all there is in Venice at an alert pace. The way we did it...we took it slow...wandering the Venetian alleys, with no particular destination in mind, except Piazza San Marco, of course, and some restaurant recommendations on TripAdvisor. With Venice, every corner is historically loaded with great architectural details. There is no piazza in Venice that is empty. So much life in one place, it is hard to imagine from stories only. I never experienced any weird canal odours or rain, for that matter. And I realise now, that we were nothing but lucky to having had received the merciful gift of sunshine on our Venice trip. Moreover, I can only hope that you get to have it also, if you ever visit this city.

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Published by Marcela Presecan