We turn on the television, open our social media pages or even just go to the internet to make a few searches and there is a very high probability that we will be met with ads for online casinos. There are so many new companies springing up as demand increases and people become aware of the fun that can be had by joining. It is no wonder that the consumer will be challenged by the process of finding the one that fits best with what they want. Above all, security and trust are important as there will be money going back and forwards and you have the security of your winnings to consider! 

Vera&John is an online casino which when reviewed ticked a lot of boxes. They have been around since 2011 meaning that they have a reliable and trusted reputation amongst their customers and that is confirmed if you go online and have a look at their customer reviews and testimonials. 

Their platform is attractive, it is easy to move around the site and altogether the user has a very pleasant experience, it is simple yet appealing.They offer an impressive selection of slot games and table games, far in excess of some of the providers and due to their experience, the games and platforms are updated regularly as new technology and other games become available. They keep up to date with changes and are able to move quickly.

On offer is a Loyalty Program and a Guaranteed Winnings Program, both of which are designed to support the consumer. Their customer support is open most of the day, although not 24 hour support, it is open for around 15 hours per day. You can make contact via email, live chat and phone. If you email, Vera&John will make every attempt to get to you within 12 hours of you sending your email. They appear committed to wanting to support their customers - if you want to learn more about them then check out this vera&john review.

Vera&John is regulated by the Gambling Commission who are committed to ensuring that gambling is fair and safe, they also ensure that safeguards for children are put in place. Members must follow their rules and criteria so the membership gives the customer an added layer of protection and the understanding that everything possible is being considered to ensure online gambling safety.

On working through the site, it becomes obvious that everything is well explained and even the newest of users and those who do not have experience of online casinos can easily work out what they need to do.

Vera&John is committed to safe gambling and include as part of their site, suggestions for sensible and responsible gambling, with suggestions such as setting and sticking to a budget, understanding addiction and further suggesting that you remain sober whilst you gamble as a lowering of inhibitions can lead to poor decisions.


Vera&John provide a safe and easy to use gambling experience which is responsibly managed and very enjoyable.


Published by Daphenee Plaisir