Blessings to you beloved reader,

 I came upon a post that touched my heart. With permission I share it with you. May we shed some light on any form of abuse, towards any human being.

We the church of Christ need to reflect JESUS not only in public. We must do so but within the walls of our home as well. No form of abuse (emotional, physical, verbal) should be directed towards spouses, children and/or family members. As God’s creation, we all deserve love and respect. By your testimony those closest to you will either love or detest God.

“The tongue has the power of life and death…” Proverbs 18:21

Guard your words and actions…….Be the light!

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“Saw this picture today and it broke my heart. Many falsely assume that child abuse is only “abuse” if it’s violent or intentional. But sometimes it’s the unintended harm of jokes, playing favorites or pranks that will leave scars in children and affect how they view themselves.

They might not cry aloud, but their spirits will be crushed. Children need to be affirmed constantly, built up and praised. Calling a child “stupid” or “ugly” is never okay. If you see it happening, step in. Don’t be neutral or turn a blind-eye.

I thank God I was raised with love and positive words. I don’t talk down to my kids. But as parents, we need to be careful with our words so we can avoid these unintended harms.”


 – Post by: Jacob Rodriguez (Author & Pastor of City Light Church / Mountain View, CA)


Published by Sandy Lopez