Cryptocurrencies have been considered as the next big thing and are all set to give tough competition to fiat currencies. Though there are thousands of digital coins, only a few manage to be in the limelight. Among those few successful cryptocurrencies are Tron, Verge and Neo. TRON and NEO have a good market capitalisation of $2.51 billion and $2.4 billion respectively. Verge has $382.06 million market cap and can soon join the billion-dollar club according to business experts.

Why is VERGE, TRON and NEO considered the right coins to invest?

Verge coin uses multi-anonymity centric networks wherein it promises open-source and untraceable transactions in the community. Verge coin's popularity is evident in the fact that many leading vendors like Trafficjunky, Fractal, Folux and others accept VERGE coin for payments for their transactions. Verge platform is in the forefront as it is trying to increase the use of Verge coin for everyday transactions. From its today's Verge price, it is expected to have a rise of 111.94 % in a span of five years. The latest development for VERGE is its partnering with Australian brand Bamb-U for accepting XVG as one of its mode of payment.

Being the first digital currency launched in China, Neo supports advanced coding in programming languages like Java, C++, Python Etc. The speed of the NEO platform which is 1000 transactions per second is mind-blowing and it attracts people to use the coin. Due to such positive notes of the Neo platform, its price has reached a whopping USD 36.830 and has a potential to reach USD 300 in the next five years time. Among more than 3000 cryptocurrencies TRON is at 6th, according to current NEO Price, it has clinched the 11th spot and Verge is currently at 17th spot in its crypto ranking.

TRON coin is a cryptocurrency with the fascinating leadership of Justin Sun, TRX value has considerably increased which is now USD 0.380. Tron is predicted to have a bright future as it has never experienced a steep downfall. By the end of April 2018 TRX price had reached USD 0.09696 which indicates its potential to reach USD 1 in the near future. Since Tron is an Operating System on the largest blockchain network, it is set to have a boost in its prices by 275 % in the next five years. Be it Tron's performance in the crypto market, its new launch of the main net or its founder standing for a super representative election in Tron community, Tron's underpinning technology has been in the news more than its competitors. Creating one platform for all the entertainment economies in the world is the motive of Tron which gives the credibility for investors to buy Tron.


While Tron and Verge are all set to reach $1 in few years, crypto enthusiasts are keen on investing in these tokens. Neo has had a great run in the market so far with its prices sky-rocketing to more than $30 as of today. With their unique mission and light fluctuation in its prices all the three coins VERGE, TRON and NEO have a succesful roadmap ahead.


Published by Lynn Joesph