To listen:


I can remember it clearly, I don't think that it will leave

That one Tuesday morning where we parted our ways

There was a kind of warm scent in the breeze

And what feels so old now then was just another day


We sat together in the car of your mother

She drove us to see a concert at noon might have been to see a film or some other

It was a warm july morning...actually no it was june


We were laughing that day...or maybe we were fighting

We were best friends but also great adversaries

And you opened your mouth to say the strangest thing

You said - and I quote - I don't like strawberries


Now that I remember made me quite angry so

How could my best friend say something so bizarre

And before my rebuttal in your face I could through

Another vehicle crashed into the side of our car


You know its hard to describe a moment like this

That feels like forever but perishes so soon

When you are young and assume that your life is but bliss

This kind of moment will burst it, like a needle a balloon


Shortly after I realized you really were gone

My memories of that moment are there but they're blurred

Did you die on impact, did you suffer for long

All I know is that strawberries was your last word



As your whole life unfolded with me by your side

It  was clear we were soulmates, our fates intertwined

But your book discontinued the moment you died

And you have become nothing more than a chapter in mine


And how cruel to think that our childhood adventures

Have changed their meaning now because of our split

What to me now is but a childish endeavour

To you is a highlight to a life too shortlived


And these highlights of yours though part of my life

Are slowly becoming a thing of the past

They're losing their meaning, no matter my strive

I'm losing our time, I'm losing it vast


Like back in your garden, 'round the old cherry tree

We had this swing on which we flew free like a bird wait... we built a tree house so the world we could see

Or did we pretend fight until someone got hurt


Or the first time we snuck out with a bottle of booze

I think we snatched it when we were eight,no...actually nine

We drank it and puked all over our shoes

But I don't know was this whole thing your idea...or mine


Or when you first got lucky with this girl that you thought

Was the most beautiful human that would smile at your gaze

You asked me to stay guard so you won't be caught

But did I actually just do that...or did I run away


The point is my friend I tried to live both our lifes

Since you were taken from me and our one became two

All our memories are slowly from my mind deprived

And I just cannot help it, I am losing you


You will be in my memory but the details, they fade

And slowly - so slolwy - they'll become cold and gray

Like a picture can hold but bever portray

The feelings where felt when it was taken that day


And our childhood in time and this gives me woe

Will become numb and, yes, I will forget

I just hope if at all that you would know

That I wish it was different and I'm so sorry about that


It's been ten years now and my mind it varies

But I have two facts about, you two things that I've got

One, you definitely do not like strawberries

And two...well...I forgot



Published by Raphael Gies