So to start off the actual blog post, no, I didn’t upload a video today since I uploaded a video ahead of time, whose link can be found just below. Now, let me be clear, pugs aren’t exactly my favourite dog breed, but each to their own, right? Anyway, despite this breed not being in my top ten, they shouldn’t be ignored.

A pug has always been seen as a dog bred for nobles and royals, and basically anyone whose ego is a little up there, but what most don’t know about this small apartment dog is that they laze around for the majority of their life, eat faster than a train on speed dial and can screech so loud that you’d be pretty sure that you have a banshee living in your eardrum.

However, pugs aren’t just that. They love affection from a human hand, and will lay on your legs to the point where you start to question if you even still have those two sticks sticking out from underneath your pant legs.

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