So as you know i started my youtube channel a while ago and i did an introductory video not the best but hey ho got to start somewhere. I have now started on holiday, a set of little mini vlogs sessions for my adventures on holiday. So the first video is up of travelling then the car trip and villa view then a trip to the village, and now the second one is up to, go check them out on youtube at Jaydyne Overton, soon more will be added as i work out and prepare them, i have been using my new camera that you saw in the post – cool camera. and the software imovie at the moment which is working pretty well.

What would you like to see? What videos? Games? Vlogging days?

Thank you for all your support on my blog and social media, if you could, please subsribe to my youtube channel and see what fun we get up to!

Happy Viewing
Much Love J x

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