When we talk about an app, which can be a replacement for the way you have been watching movies and television shows, then nothing can be better than Vidmate 2014. This app can change the way you watch movies, videos and contents like lectures, podcasts and lectures as well. The best part of downloading and installing this app is that you can watch, download and do streaming of videos for free of cost. In case you are still confused about this app, its uses and benefits, then read the following information carefully and learn how amazing this app could be for any smartphone user.

  1. A great video converter:

All those smartphone users, who are aware of the modern features and technologies being offered to the users, they can easily evaluate the value of Vidmate. This app lets the users convert all type of video files to audio files without paying even a single penny. This feature is only available by this app and its not available on another famous application called Tubemate. If you have Vidmate2014 on your Android device or computer, then you will not be in need of downloading any other app or feature in order to make this simple and easy conversion. If you are using an MP3 format, even then you can download this app and can play video songs available on Youtube and can download them with great ease. In this way you can save a lot of space on your phone. Moreover, you will also save your time as you will not have to separately download and convert the media files. You can easily choose any video file and download  it as an audio file without any trouble.

Tips and tricks for Vidmate2014

The user interface this video based app has got is latest and unlike any other type of app in the past. Every feature that you could expect this app to have, comes along with it. You can keep the most commonly used features on home screen and less frequently used features on the secondary screen. So it means when you are making use of Vidmate, then navigation becomes fairly easy, quick and simple. If you are downloading, installing and using it for the first time, then you may get confused in the beginning regarding understanding the use of buttons available on this app.

How will you download a video?

Choose a video that you want to download. For this you can visit the URL available. You will find a round shaped button at the extreme right corner at the bottom of the screen. Now you can choose the configuration of the video and you will easily and quickly see that dimensions of the video and you can choose one of your choice. Now simply click download button and you are all set to download the video in no time.

Check the download status

Once the downloading willbegin, you will find the download status in the notification tray. from there you can check how much time the video will still take to finish downloading. At the same time, you can even check out all those videos which have been downloaded. They will be find in the category of downloaded videos.

How to play downloaded videos?

Go to your video player and search for the downloaded videos. Click on the video which you want to watch. Once you click play button, then video will begin to run and play normally.

Save the videos you downloaded for your private use

In case you want to download some videos and would like to watch them privately, then you can save them separately. Normally, it is very easy and simple to locate the downloaded videos. After the video is downloaded, open the download menu. There you will find the option ‘private space’. Save your personal videos in that folder and you will be able to watch them later. Nobody else will be able to access this folder other than you.

All in all, downloadingVidmate2014 can be really helpful and useful for all these Android users who are fond of videos, movies and music. This app has improved the experience of users like never before.

Published by Dhiman Jyoti