This is probably not a surprise anymore but records/ vinyl are making a come back in the music industry and they are better than ever. With more and more 21st century artist realising there albums and singles on vinyl its like going back in time, not that I'm complaining. Already I have two record players of my own and loads of records, it does help that my dad has kept all his many records that he bought when he was younger so together we have at least over 100.

Records getting more popular got me wondering, why? Being in this era we could easily just pick up own phone tap a few buttons and have our favourite song playing in seconds. Obviously records have always been around but how come records are coming back to popularity? It could be people are feeling nostalgic for them, I have seen people using them as decorations for their walls on site's like Tumblr.

The reason I love them so much is purely because of how photogenic they can be and that when your listening to a record you cant just skip through a song, you can listen everyone on the album. Usually for me I will skip through songs I haven't heard on my phone but listening to a record I tend not to bother with skipping through and most of the time I find I have a new favourite song from listening to the ones I usually skip.

How about you, what are your opinions on records?

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