10 interesting aspects of Herndon, Virginia that form its signature.

        Located in the western portion of Virginia State, the humble town of Herndon is a perfect place for various reasons. From old style downtown that preserves the history of this region to multi-cuisine restaurants with wide-spread menu, from national parks and outdoor activities for the entire family to arts, music, theater and other cultural engagements for kids and adults, Herndon town has it all. Located just 22 miles away from the capital Washington D.C, this simple town of Herndon stays connected with the glamour of city life, too! Few minutes away from the Washington-Dulles International airport, Herndon proves as a perfect spot to experience the calm and silence of a small town, yet be in close proximity of major requirements.

    This little town of Herndon holds a special place in my heart because it was my first home in the United States. Though my stint in Herndon was a short one lasting for less than four months, the experiences, memories, adventures and feelings deserve a post to their name. While I explored this town during the winter season from December to March – the experience of snow, chills, ice and rains was totally interesting by all means. Though layers of snow accumulate over the roads and land of this town quite often, it does not hamper with the daily lives of its residents. While the local authorities clear the snow on a continuous basis, the life proceeds as normal. Be it school kids flocking to school or office commuters going for their work, be it local shop keepers and businessmen or college and university students, the cold and snow does not seem to bother any of them.

    Less population and peaceful ambiance mark the feel of this town that believes in enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Cold winters and hot summers represent the climate that offer both the experiences to its dwellers. Local produce of crops sold in the Farmers’ market display the richness of this productive land. Besides the Farmers’ market, Herndon has many town centers and shopping malls. With presence of small shops, restaurants, food joints and hobby classes, each of these town centers gather people of all age-groups. Several rental communities, town houses and big, large homes represent the housing facilities of the town. With development of technological companies and corporate offices, Herndon is attracting workforce from far and wide. While it boosts of safe neighborhood and convenient residences for its dwellers, it is also making a mark within the commercial sector.

    Downtown of this city consists of several old style buildings, government offices, public library and numerous options of restaurants. Serving cuisines from all over the world, Herndon definitely takes care of the visitors’ taste buds. Be it American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian or Thai –Herndon town has everything in its menu. Herndon Depot museum, Flying Pan Park, Reston town center, Mount Vernon are among some of the exciting tourist attractions for the visitors. Washington and Old Dominion Trail that runs along the town is the most favorite trail for bike riders.

      Close proximity to Washington D.C makes it a convenient spot for national and international tourists to spend a weekend. Besides this, residents on the east coast visit this location for its quiet and calm appeal.

So what are some of the interesting aspects of this town that deserve special attention?


1. Herndon is governed by the Fairfax county of Virginia which looks after the services of recreation, healthcare, education, public facilities, library and employment.


 2. Herndon has several town centers in the neighborhood which act as common recreational spaces for its residents, offering restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies and cafes.


3. Close proximity to Washington D.C and Washington Dulles International airport is the prime feature of this town that attracts visitors instantly.


4. Several parks, lawns, gardens and trails entertain the nature lovers in this town.


5. Herndon Centennial golf course is a large public golf area that has been attracting golf players for several years now. Well maintained course with provisions for groups and teaching facilities mark the golf culture of this town.


6. Herndon offers excellent educational facilities for its dwellers with its private and public schools besides community colleges and universities.


7. Well maintained roads and streets form the infrastructure of this town that relies on automobiles and roadways as its major transportation method.


8. Excellent facilities of snow removal ensure constant clearance from the streets, bringing back life to normal.


9. Disciplined drivers that follow the rules of the road lead to safe traffic and peaceful commute within this town.


10. An excellent website giving information about its services, departments, plans and activities, http://www.herndon-va.gov/home is maintained by the government for its dwellers, visitors and tourists.


Visit Herndon for a quick view of its offerings. A relaxing, short trip of 2 days is sufficient to explore all the aspects of this humble, little town


Published by Lavanya