When we create vision we have the opportunity to create value. I know this sounds tongue twisted and clique type of marketing because it is but what we have to keep in mind that it's also a true statement for preparation and vision in general. And this is something to build on especially when it comes to title naming sermons, projects, expository preaching in debate form. I know this makes no sense truly to most people including myself even because it's been a new founded reality without any bible college experience but the larger vision is to create value and I thought I would express that today because life isn't about dissertations and scholarship essay for pitching the right idea but it's about making it happen whether nobody knows about it or not. 

" tovaia nada "

When I create a vision for myself and others by first creating for myself I have the opportunity to build value in other peoples lives and this is God's Ultimate goal being played out within me, especially by owning up to my responsibility of continuing to seek after God and his kingdom while others come along for the ride.

It's a sickening thing that we are taught to practice unrighteousness in this world from every angle imaginable and think we will not have problems growing up. I have been a bit fortunate on this route to kind of see my family before me and immediate members go through much, so coming to Christ was a no brainier but that doesn't mean it's been or will be easy. Life has been kind of insane to say the least not really having many advocates in Christ to cling to and going through much dysfunction and legal systematic approaches to hold me accountable but God is worthy and he believes we are too.

All in all life and Christ has been gracious and I am confident with your help and His continued effort to keep myself and others focused on his goals instead of our own selfish renditions to spiritual warfare, things will get much better and a support system will be developed from such a radical transformation and even for others whom are in the same position of coming to Christ and kind of having people look at you funny as if life were a fairy tale that we watch on television.

It's been a while since I have last posted due to some life circumstances and challenges but please follow the Lamentations Project going on by the starter and founder of this team here on Youtube


Confession not Just Profession for Positional Growth or Positional Gain ... relative Verse we can see in our hearts to be true and most importantly those whom I know including myself on this Skybox Journey.

Zephaniah 3:1&2

Woe to her that is rebellious and defiled the oppressing city! She listens to no voice, she accepts no correction. She does not trust in the Lord, she does not draw near to her God.

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