Vodim the Label are a contemporary workplace fashion boutique I have recently fallen in love with. Here's why:

  1. Commitment to elegance and femininity in the workplace
  2. Australian made but shipped worldwide
  3. Fit = Amaze
  4. Quality. Each garment is made from beautiful materials, and has some gorgeous details.


I love Vodim's skirts though - I'm a little addicted to the cut and fit. They are really modest which makes them perfect for any workplace, but at the same time are just the right mix with a feminine but still sexy edge. The skirts have a satin lining which makes them much more comfortable to be sitting in all day and the lining doesn't ride up underneath the skirt itself. Impressed yet? I am.


Their dresses are to die for. I have their classic LBD. Its made of a stretchy fabric which means its really comfortable for all day at the office and then into the night. Its a little heavier material which is fantastic because it means that the stretchy material has a little bit of weight behind it so it sits really nicely on your body and doesn't pull at odd angles. It has all the convenience and comfort, but with out the cheap materials and inconvenience of some brands. In love!


Will be ordering some more soon, and with their super speedy delivery - makes online shopping even more justifiable!

Enjoys beauties!


Published by Maddy May