Isn't it funny how everyone thinks that the voices are not real?
It's not actually
How shallow do they think me to be?
To call darkness as my friend
Just for the trends' sake ?
This darkness is like a wild tsunami on my soul
Whatever's remained of it that is.
Am I pretending when I'm smiling while internally troubling?
Yes! They say-they know everything
I'm just a puppet doll
Dancing on their whims
But it's tiresome
Holding that flood
From sinking your carcass of a soul
It gets to you sometime
Your Highness Darkness
Will always get to you
But its not REAL!
Said the adults first
Then came tumbling all people
Of all ages
It's just a farce to get away with her whims - they say..
Why why do I have to say so many times
I can relate to the others because the voices are the same as always
They speak again and again
Echoing the hollow bones in this flesh
But They keep on saying
Stop this mess
But I'm a mess!
I can't stop myself
I'm on a loop
I'm wounding
But obviously
I'm just pretending
I'm just a careless thoughtless girl next door
Looking pretty in all those insta poses
Obviously it's inside her mind!
Yes is
 Tearing apart
Slowly ..Softly ..

​Originally posted at Random and

Published by Priyanjali Chakraborty