Volunteering and why do it?

Volunteering is one of the most renowned ways of getting experience within the workplace. This is simply because it is the most proven way to gain experience and learn and develop new or old skills. Most volunteers even gain experience out of it and a possibility of being employed by the company. Which is what some may not even know. It seems that many work placements will accept you simply because you have gained experience from a volunteer placement. The volunteering position does mean it's not paid however; the experience and qualifications you can gain from it is worth being an extra pair of hands. While many will take advantage of you for being a volunteer and to abuse the trust of you being at the workplace. You as a volunteer are there to learn from the paid and fully trained staff and should be doing so. 


You can ask face to face for volunteering positions at local charity shops and some places such as branded stores may even allow you to volunteer for a short amount of time. It is an effective way to get your foot in the door and learn skills which can be easily transferable to other businesses. You can also make new friends along the way during your time of learning .

Published by The silver fox