Vortex Universe

Lately almost all of my recent works have had an air of mystery surrounding them. I started working on this painting when I was in Kinsale many summers ago. My original intention steered towards a  cosmic nature which in turn developed into a painting entitled Planetary Dress… I was not entirely happy with the outcome of this painting, so in a state of fury and frustration with myself I took the paint to it once again, transforming it and allowing it to become what it was meant to be.

As the painting progressed it seemed to deviate at the same time.  This confusion afforded me to allow the work reveal itself. I was inspired to let this happen without over thinking, accepting it, without over analysing, letting it be without struggling to understand it.

Through the medium of art these nuggets of inspiration emerged into something far greater than my human mind could conceive.

Not everything in this life can be explained, the mystery is the source that brings about wonder. The essence that lies within us is sparked off by that unexplained mystery and when we allow ourselves to embrace it without judgement it will bring us one step closer to accepting ourselves as we truly are… warts and all.

Emma Barone ©2016

Published by Emma Barone