I have been quite lax in saying or propagating anything about Trump to this point. I don’t share any of the videos on Facebook and to be quite honest, I haven’t seen much. I avoid most of the videos of him or his supporters and I don’t watch his speeches.

I try to imagine that he doesn’t exist, because the glimpses I have seen are frightening, so filled with anger, hate, and negativity. I did watch some of the police violence, but I have avoided most of the murders. I have only seen a couple.

You never know what might cause you to shift or snap in one direction or another. So when I clicked on “Things Said At Trump Rallies,” a three minute eleven second video, and watched the horrible things said, the hate, and disgust, I took note of the fear.

I am now no longer afraid of Trump or this campaign or where we are going.

I have a new philosophy, vote. Just vote.

The people making noise and speaking out at the Trump Rallies have had everything given to them. Not financially, but they have had everything handed to them spiritually and emotionally.

They have kept themselves around people who think like them. They do not have any knowledge of the real world and they have never lived in and do not know fear. They may live in some worry every now and again, but they don’t live in constant fear. They have never felt powerless.

When a police officer pulls them over they are not afraid they might get shot or die in the next few minutes. They are worried that they might get a ticket or at worst go to jail. I have lived a life that when a cop pulls me over, something bad is going to happen. I am getting a ticket. I am afraid. I might get yelled at or demeaned and now days I might get shot. I live in a world where I am powerless at times. I have looked down the barrel of a gun three times in my life.

I have a unique perspective of the world because I am light skinned and it offers me certain advantages and access to other points of view. I have been tired of television, watching pretty white people, doing pretty white things and having pretty white problems. Does that sound racist? Well, that’s not the world I live in. In my world I see Asians, blacks, Mexicans, homosexuals, transsexuals and every other race, gender, religion and philosophy you can imagine. For the greater part of my life that has been my world.

I understand fear of things that I make assumptions about and things I don’t understand. I am prejudice and I would also say that I am a racist. I can get away from my opinions or judgements about people when I first see them. That is life, and that is television and media and propaganda. The difference is I don’t let those judgments control me.

Watching the people on the videos at the Trump Rallies, I realized that these people don’t know fear. They don’t know the world. They have never truly been afraid of anything in their world. And I do not believe they are the majority. They are the ignorant minority.

They are the ignorant minority that needs guns because they think the world is coming to their home to take over their lifestyle. A lifestyle that no one I have ever seen wants other than them. No one wants to live with these people and people like this around them.

These people have lived a life of segregation and comfort, spiritual and emotional comfort. They get told what they want to hear. They get shown what they want to see. They truly believe that is the world and how the world should be. And I truly believe, they are the minority.

They are North Korea. Shutting themselves away from the rest of the world telling their people one thing and not allowing them to see what is actually going on outside of their boarders.

I have to admit to something. I feel sorry for these people because their world is going away and they are truly a dying breed. I feel for the loss of their way of life or at least the way they think life should be. Their way of life only exists where they are and I feel sorry that they are afraid of everything outside of it. They will never experience the bountiful plate of culture that is the world. Their country will never be anything like they want ever again.

So, to the people who want to protest the Trump Rallies, don’t waste your time. There is no reason. You will have a much more fun and the same effect as arguing with a second grade classroom about things that they know nothing about.  

Trump is no Hitler. Hitler took his power when people couldn’t vote. Trump is not a dictator and calling him one is an insult to dictators. Trump is a rock star. Rock stars come and rock stars fade. They have their fan base. Their fan base is all they have and that will not vote them in to the highest office in the world.

 My new point of view is very simple, just fearlessly vote and I want truly want everyone to vote. Trump is not going to win. He is not the future of this country because this country is not the ignorant minority I see in Trump videos.



Published by James Gabriel