Hey guys! I wrote this a while ago on my personal blog but wanted to share it with you. This philosophy, since I watched this video, has helped me greatly. If I inspire just one other person to live there like this, then I consider that a success!  - KR


My girlfriend sat me down to watch a video which featured Brene Brown on TED talks. She was speaking about Vulnerability and Shame and had a few theories linking the two topics together, but one point that she made stood out to me.

Without Vulnerability, we can't feel the good. I'm paraphrasing here, she went into a lot more detail, should you want to watch it here is the link: Brene Brown: The power of Vulnerability.

A lot of what she said resonated with me, and it got me to thinking about how nerve racking it is for writers and authors when we submit our work or put it out into the public domain. We open ourselves up to rejection, hurt, doubt. However, by opening ourselves up to those things, we also open ourselves up to happiness, success, opportunity.

My last post about my Novel spoke about doubt, which is in stark contrast to what Brene was talking about. There I was talking about how the fear of failure, that self doubt that talks to us all and stops people from following their dreams, creeps in and seems to make us think we aren't good enough. Letting ourselves be Vulnerable, allowing us to be open to rejection or hurt, 'isn't good or bad, it's just necessary' .

What I took away from that, is something that I'm sure we've all heard before. Without risk, there is no reward. If we don't allow ourselves to be vulnerable, how can we achieve our dreams?  We all have that fear of being vulnerable, whether it be when we are submitting an assignment, asking out that person we like or talking to someone about something that is bothering us. We can overcome that fear; how else are we going to find out if we can do what we set out to do?

So today, I resolved to face my vulnerability and put myself even further out there. I set up a Facebook page, I have an Instagram account all dedicated to my journey as an author, not to mention this blog. All of which is scary, but this is what I want to do. To move forward, I need to open myself up to being vulnerable.

Happy writing!

Kyle Ricketts


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