A wilderness is described as "an uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region" or "a neglected or abandoned area."

Why would God send us here? Why would God send us to a place of solitude, surrounded by decay? Because He wants to get us alone. He wants to get us away from the chaos and noise, to a place where we can only hear Him, a place where we are desperate enough to listen.

God will do whatever necessary to keep us in awe of Him, to keep us on track with Him, to keep us in love with Him.

No matter the circumstance, God's purpose is always the same: To keep us in fellowship and deepen our relationship with Him. He will do whatever necessary to fulfill this purpose in our lives when we honestly ask for it.

Only God can cause the wilderness to be a "door of hope and expectation," the very place that we must walk through in order to meet Him face-to-face.
Only God can be brighter than the brightest light. Only God can cause the darkness to become light (Ps. 139:12). Only God can fulfill this promise:
" THE WILDERNESS and the dry land shall be glad; the desert shall rejoice and blossom like the rose and the autumn crocus. It shall blossom abundantly and rejoice even with joy and singing... They shall see the glory of the Lord, the majesty and splendor and excellency of our God.
)Isaiah 35:1-2)."

In the darkest wilderness, God remains our glistening hope. ♡

Published by Bethany Boynton